Dynamic analytical content and documents

Dynamic Multi-Asset Analysis Apps for Fund Managers & Investors

Powerful analytical and operational content that puts your Investment Management business online. Stay in control with robust interactive content for Investors & Allocators.

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Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Diverse Asset: Live, Streaming Accounting, and Analytical Content

Manage your Fund Management firm on a single platform with timely, visual content with drill-down granularity. Tell your story with live analytical content. Maintain a competitive advantage with investors with managed transparency and controlled analytical content streaming.

Operational Analysis & Surveillance

Browse performance and accounting analysis across assets, funds, and investors. Perform portfolio monitoring, including slice/dice performance, KPIs, and interactive financial analysis. Provide your investors and allocators with robust analysis in addition to critical reports whilst staying in complete control.

Critical Security & Resiliency

We utilize the best practices from Microsoft to keep your data safe. Our technology operational architecture is SOC ii Type 2 certified, running on Microsoft Azure data centers worldwide, based upon your location. The operational architecture is highly resilient, with transparent user authentication and authorization monitoring.

Up-to-date financial snapshots are imperative

Accounting systems, by their nature, are the realm of the back office. However, up-to-the-minute accounting information, presented in a unified fashion, is critical at all levels of the organization. PARTICIPATE provides up-to-date accounting snapshots, side by side, with analytical content crucial for decision-making.

Eliminate the clutter, prioritize content, and monitor critical analytical content

Reports are critical for compliance purposes. However, the timeliness and relevance of management information are the new go-to standard for 24/7 interactive content delivery. The document-centric world still exists, especially for reporting that is mandatory for accounting and regulations. However, a paradigm shift has occurred with the empowering ability to stream analytical content, pin it, present it as the user sees fit, and monitor changes.


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For Fund Managers

Robust analysis of assets, funds, and investors Advanced Asset Monitoring. Replace quarterly reports with storybook mode. Live Accounting Snapshots. Publish content to LPs with four-eye approval.

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For Investors & Allocators
LP Interact

Visual and powerful limited partner portal. Live Investor-Specific Analysis. Capital Reconciliation with Granularity. Capital Call, Distribution Letters. Reports augmented with data analysis.

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Engineered for Open and Closed End Funds

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