Participate, a Dynamic Application for Fund Managers

Deskless Office For Fund Managers

Manage your private equity or hedge fund on a single platform with timely, interactive content.

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Get inspired with streaming, engaging and playful content for LPs while the GP completely controls streamed content. CapInteract technology gives fund managers and administrators a critical edge.

Present a unified view across multiple assets with standardized analytical content

PARTICIPATE GO Boards offer comprehensive asset holdings, exposure, and performance for various asset classes, including bonds, direct investment, fund of funds, listed securities, and direct real estate. GO Boards, also offers pre-configured content for limited partners, ready to stream to LPINTERACT for an interactive limited partner experience.

Scale implementations quickly with a high value-to-cost ratio

Users want to view high-quality, standardized content, allowing them to pin relevant content as they see fit. Pinning content is easy and, once assembled, can be sequenced just the way a user wants it. This capability to prioritize essential content is achievable with great ease. Because boards, measures, and workspaces are standardized, with the following content for any asset class, the implementation focus is to connect the transactions to the measures, calculate, and the content is available via PARTICIPATE.

Efficient Data Presentation for All Stakeholders

PARTICIPATE A comprehensive solution for Data presentation and analysis. The platform focuses on standardization and adaptability, utilizing a configurable analytical core that can be easily modified to develop new data visualizations. It comes pre-configured with GO Boards for assets, funds, and investors, allowing users to quickly and easily create and pin relevant content.

Manage multiple administrators and providers and consistently aggregate data

PARTICIPATE utilizes a proprietary agnostic repository that can pull data from multiple data sources and standardize content presentation uniformly across an organization. It handles data from various sources, including numerous service providers.

Achieve a single seamless investor experience with multiple administrators

The PARTICIPATE platform utilizes an API for all push and gets functions to the PARTICIPATE business object layer. It can use a data stream approach pushed out to SFTP, with webhooks that check for updates constantly. The PARTICIPATE persistence layer is agnostic, and it can contain data and calculate analysis from various sources once pulled into the client database.

Monitor and manage multiple asset classes

PARTICIPATE enables hedge fund or family office fund managers to assess asset exposure and performance among diverse assets, with standardized analysis across multiple asset classes such as public securities, bonds, direct investment equity, debt, real estate, derivatives, synthetics, and funds of funds. Its full functionality provides granular investment analysis for open and closed-end funds. It also includes a peek through the capability to pierce the veil of fund of funds to potential underlying asset exposure.


View your assets' holdings, exposure, and performance in a single, integrated cloud platform.

Enhance investor relations with granularity and up-to-the-minute capital reconciliation and LP performance analysis.

Dramatically improve audits with the ability to unify unifying data from originating general ledger transactions for all presentation layers.

Compare gross and net Investor IRRs with instant access.

Manage all critical GP and LP documents, and bring PDFs to life with interactive, dynamic analytical content.

Standardize the financial results with uniform business object layer calculations applied throughout your organization.

Seamlessly integrate private equity and hedge fund analysis with the ability to span asset classes, including real estate, direct investment equity, direct investment debt, fund of funds, public securities, bonds, and synthetics.

Engineered for Open and Closed End Funds

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