Dynamic Portal for Investors & Allocators

Interactive Content for Investors & Allocators

Optimized Investor Relations with Digitized and Augmented Interactive Content, Enhanced Communications, and Secure Document Delivery.

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Engage Investors with Interactive Content

LPinteract focuses on the investor's digital experience for private equity, family offices, and hedge funds. LPinteract leverages the power of the Participate platform to generate and stream content and secure documents to Investors and Allocators.

Engaging Interactive Content

It is essential to engage and captivate limited partners with Interactive content that exceeds what is available from other solutions in the marketplace. Interactive content is playful and engaging, and differentiates the GP and shows your commitment to investor transparency.

PDFs Are Not Dead

Bring static content documents to life with visual analytical content that will dazzle users.

See What They See, Before They See It

Robust risk monitoring enables advisors to be proactive and get ahead of potential collateral calls.

Continuous Fundraising

The magic of LPinteract, the most engaging LP Portal available, is that the GP is fundraising daily with managed transparency, includes the ability to showcase and stream content from high-performing assets from your portfolio.

Turn your LP Portal into an Interactive Marketing Study

Using LPinteract, the GP constantly observes what LP consumes published content and what they think about it. This information is invaluable for investor relations.

Enhanced Interactions with LPs

Our technology will enable you to learn what content your LP clients value most, understand your customers’ needs and enhance interaction.

SOC ii certification on the Microsoft Azure Platform

Soc II Type 2 Certified Operational Architecture on Microsoft Azure. 2 Factor Authentication using Microsoft Authenticator. Separate and Distinct URL and Database with the Option to Deploy. Robust Authorization Security. SIEM Proactive Monitoring of Logins and Infrastructure and Comprehensive Audit Trail of User Access to any features in software.

The LP Portal is resilient and scalable in partnership with Microsoft

99.99% Uptime. Proactive log monitoring. Business continuity is active with Azure Site Recovery with cold start backups in a secondary Azure data center.


The LP Portal provides robust content and analysis for individual LPS, including capital account reconciliation and performance analysis, including RR, DPI, RFTP, TVPI, and other performance metrics.

The LP Portal offers powerful analytical visualization across the spectrum of portfolio asset allocation, including Private Equity Direct, Fund of Funds, Real Estate, Public Securities, Bonds, CMOS, and other derivative asset structures.

All content is interactive, with user engagement on charts, graphics, and tabular analysis.

Participate explicitly streams content to the LP Portal, with 4-eye approval, so the GP remains wholly controlled.

The LP Portal offers access and update capability to investor information, related contacts, and roles, including report and notice recipients.

The LP Portal includes a robust, Interactive document repository augmented with interactive data analysis and visualization.

The LP Portal also serves as a real-time market research tool that can view content hits from published four-eye streams.

Engineered for Open and Closed End Funds

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